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File a Complaint

The Sarpy/Cass Health Department responds to or will help connect you with the resources to assist with complaints within Sarpy and Cass counties. A nuisance can be a person, a thing, or a situation that causes an inconvenience or an annoyance to someone or may be injurious to the safety and health of the public. A nuisance can be an act, object, or practice that interferes or invades with a person’s rights or interests by being offensive, dangerous, obstructive, or unhealthy, or reduces property value.


Indoor Nuisance Complaints

  • General Indoor Nuisance 
  • Rodents and Pests
  • Indoor Air Quality

Outdoor Nuisance Complaints

  • Improperly Stored Garbage or Animal Waste
  • Overgrown Grass and Weeds
  • Unmaintained Private Residential Pools/Standing Water
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Noise/Odors
  • Unsafe/Unsanitary Conditions

Water, Well and Septic Complaints

  • Unsanitary Conditions at Public Swimming Pools and Water Spas
  • Water Well Concern (Abandoned Wells, Contaminated Wells)
  • Septic System Failures

Food Complaints

  • Food Safety Concerns

Smoking Complaints

  • Smoking and Electronic Smoking In Enclosed Indoor Spaces